Information for foreign test takers (含香港、澳門人士)

Ⓞ 外籍考生(含香港、澳門人士)報名測驗注意事項

  • 外籍考生報名測驗時所申請的帳號,請填寫有效期限內的護照上之Passport Number
  • 非港、澳籍的外籍考生於中、英文姓名欄位填入有效期限內護照上的英文拼音,不需填寫中文姓名
  • 測驗當日,監考人員會檢核您報名時之ID Number是否為護照號碼及其是否正確,因此測驗當日請務必攜帶與報名時填寫的Passport Number相同之有效期限內的護照正本應試或中華民國居留證正本入場應試


When registering for test, please pay attention to the following: Foreign test takers (including Hong Kong and Macao)

  • When registering for test, please fill in your valid passport number.
  • Foreign test takers who are not from Hong Kong or Macau, please write your name in English (Pinyin) in the field “Chinese/English name", do not write your name in Chinese.
  • On the day of the test, proctors will check whether the ID Number provided upon registration matches your passport number. Therefore, on test day, you must present either the passport you used to register, or your ARC showing the passport number you used to register. You must present the document in the original, and it must be valid on test day, not expired.

If you fail to present one of the above documents, you will not be allowed to take the test. You cannot reschedule the test, nor will the test fee be refunded.

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